Some suggestions O:


    Some suggestions O:

    Post  Exemptio on Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:03 am

    1. Can we have the option to 'refine to the safe level'? D: I just hate to keep clicking.
    2. Can we have a Pori-Pori event sometimes D:
    3. Is this the right place to post suggestions about events? x.x Well anyway, would it be possible to have a Dashboard event? D:

    It's something like this:
    1. Every participant must have a Dashboard[1] (obtainable through quest perhaps? D: )
    2. The event is carried out in a considerably big area, and the objective of the players is to reach the finishing line without dying. (how you make the circuit is up to you D: )
    3. How to die: the circuit, which should be about 4-5 cells wide (though you can change the width at some point), is clustered with porings, and these porings will have a random element (no they will not be indicated by their color D: ). Every time you crash on a poring, you will lose 20% HP. Crash 5 times, mission accomplished (you die D: ).
    4. However, to make things more interesting, you are allowed to wear an element armor of your choice. If you crash on a poring which has the element that is weak to your element, you will not receive damage. If the element of the poring is the SAME as your element, you will get healed D:.
    5. Whoever survives (if survivors >1) will be teleported to a new circuit and the process is repeated.
    6. The dashboard should be constantly moving at a moderately fast pace, and the speed can be increased if the prize is more tantalizing. Or, you can just increase the number of porings.

    Please note that as Holy Armor resists quite a few elements, it should either be banned (ie it has no effect if used) or have its resistance to E,F,W and W be removed for the duration of the event, though that would be harder to script (right?).

    Thank you for your attention.

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