All about the Ordeal Room.


    All about the Ordeal Room.

    Post  Eric on Sun Apr 05, 2009 10:22 pm

    The Ordeal Room:

    The Ordeal Room, is a place that only the strong willed and strong hearted teams can pursue in. The strongest monsters in all of tRO reside there, and only the strongest will survive.
    Basically, you have to have a good team, and know your RO.

    Gettting In:
    To get into the O.R. you must have a party of 5. All players must register at the NPC in Aldebaran. Only 1 team may enter the room at a time. After all the players have registered, the NPC will warp you.

    When Inside:
    There is no warping, or commands inside the O.R. It will be filled with monsters that drop custom items. Each monster drops a different item, but I warn you, the monsters aren't easy, at all.

    Teamwork is Key:
    The only way to survive inside the O.R. is to depend on each of your teammates. Make sure you have a good Priest along side you.

    As of now, only 3 monsters live in the O.R. more monsters will be added as the server develops. The monsters are:
    - Ordeal's Valkyrie.
    - Ordeal's Gloom.
    - Ordeal's Eddga.


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