TechRO Features


    TechRO Features

    Post  Aire on Thu Mar 26, 2009 11:08 pm

    TechRO specs:

    Maximum Level (Base/Job):
    • 255/120

    Rates (Base/Job/Normal Cards/MVP Cards):
    • 7k/4k/100%/10%
    • There's a 50% EXP bonus in Even Share while in Party, so make sure you level with your friends or a fellow leveling Techian! It goes like this:
      Alone: 100% EXP
      2 Members: 100% EXP(two people killing monsters, so it's faster)
      3 Members: 140% EXP
      4 Members: 180% EXP, and so on!

    Maximum Stat/HP/ASPD:
    • 250/1,000,000/197

    Skill Delay:
    • They're all 0, except for some of them, that require you to use Kiels (for example, Soul Breaker)



    • Special Rebirth NPC: This NPC lets you rebirth at level 255, up to ten times, so you can obtain about 4000 more stat points to build your character. You have to do this process with each character, if you wish to obtain the bonus. It also gives you items the first time around a class (non-rebirth jobs), fit to help you level with ease, and even use them after leveling! These items include but are not limited to: Slotted armors, footgears, shields, garments, and weapons, as well as some items, such as poison bottles for Assassins and Arrows for Rogues/Archer Class.

    • Special All-in-One(AIO) NPC: This NPC contains Resetting, Rental(it gives you whatever you can obtain, you don't have to choose from the list), Banking, and Storage.

    • Warper NPC: This NPC contains all the Towns, Dungeons, Guild Dungeons and the numbers for all their descendant maps (floors).

    • One-click Healer: This NPC contains...duh.

    • PvP Warper: Has 3 PvP rooms. Each one will be accommodated as server size increases. No specifics to them yet.

    • Quest NPCs full of Custom Items that will be scattered throughout all the maps. No information on their whereabouts will be released by a GM/Administrator. They can be revealed by players, but we encourage you to not do so, so that people can work.

    Features may/will be added, as server progress continues.


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    Re: TechRO Features

    Post  Vegas on Sun Mar 29, 2009 9:47 am

    I LOVE the base on which you are running this server. Specially I LOVE the NPCs. Very well done

    Re: TechRO Features

    Post  Chris on Mon Mar 30, 2009 3:26 pm

    I guess you could say it's the compilation of many experiences and of suggestions from people who also went through those experiences, like the dreaded "Choose what you wanna rent", seriously, who else got pissed at this?
    Most the time I was like "B!T&H I'M A F*#KIN KNIGHT, WHAT THE F*^& DO YOU THINK I'M RENTING!?" I too LOVE this base, it's just that awsm. srs

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    Re: TechRO Features

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